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Transport Worldwide

We ship worldwide


Delivery Time

Deliver time depends on the location. Count on 5 days within Europe, worldwide shipping takes a bit longer. You will receive a tracking code as soon as the order is shipped


Transport costs

The average price. based on 100 x 100 pieces is CHF 120,-

Custom and duty fees are applied to shipments at the discretion of each receiving country. These charges are beyond our control and are the responsibility of the receiver/client (not applicable for shipments within Switzerland)


When there are damages upon arrival, we will make sure you receive a new artwork as soon as possible. However, the artworks are packed in such a way that damage is highly unlikely.


Certificate of authenticity

All artwork will be included with a Certificate of authenticity



Maaike works on commission basis. So please fell free to contact her with special request. However, Maaike is free to reject request if the subject does not feel right to her.


Payment methods

Once an artwork is ordered, you will receive an invoice. The invoice needs to be paid through PayPal. As soon as the invoice is paid, the artwork will be created. In case of an existing artwork, the artwork will be shipped after the invoice is paid.

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