About me


My work is a combination of digital art with acrylic paint, paint medium, spray paint and stencil art. The works are not about telling a story or finding a deeper meaning: I make them in such a way that I think is appealing to look at. In that respect, my work is mainly a discovery journey in which different images and materials come together to create a new piece.


In most of my works, I choose a female face as subject. Sometimes I use known faces  as subjects, such as Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo and Audrey Hepburn, thus approaching Pop Art. In other cases the face is less known, accentuating the aura of mystery that is hidden behind the piece.


The effects in my art recalls walls or posters that are peeling, reminding us that beauty does not last forever. My art is therefore an art for its own sake, which aims at the creation of beauty. Aesthetics prevails over significance, the artistic process prevails over message.