About me

Already when I was young, I liked being creative.  I was always very interested in painting, but lacked the courage to actually do something with it. Luckily, the voice in the back of my head would not shut up, so I decided to come into action.  Showing my first paintings to friends and family made me very nervous, but the positive reactions really inspired me. So, I started to show my paintings to more people.


Very soon I had my first commissions and I noticed that painting simply makes me happy. 

My art consists mostly of pop-art style paintings.

Inspiration I get from other painters, known and less know paintings. 

In the paintings, I really like to work with bright and lively colours. This really gives the paintings some power.

As well as my own designs, I paint on commission. In most cases someone sends me a picture or an idea.

Based on the wishes and desired colors, I then make a first digital design as a proposal. If everybody is happy with the proposal, I translate the design to a painting. 

With the comissions, I especially like the portraits. It is so nice to see a portrait come to life. You can find some of my portraits on this site. 

Thank you for showing interest in my work by visiting my site.

Please just contact me should you have any questions or comments. I am always happy to hear from you!


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